In all my years in the music business I have never met anyone as passionate, energetic, loyal and honest as Maggie Macpherson. She is smart, innovative and will burn the candle at both ends to provide the services needed. Maggie knows the music business. 

Gary Louris
The Jayhawks


I first met Maggie Macpherson about 35 years ago when she worked in the offices of the legendary Minneapolis music venue, First Avenue where my band Soul Asylum got its start playing shows in its infancy. Later during the years where she booked the wildly popular Minneapolis music venue The Uptown Bar we became good friends and I enjoyed taking the stage there in a wide variety of loosely assembled musical aspirations that were a unique part of my formative musical experience. When my side project The Golden Smog, with members of Wilco, Big Star, The Jayhawks and Run Westy Run was getting material together for our third record Weird Tales, we hired Maggie to manage the project and band. Maggie was in charge of the recording budget and associated travel and accommodations, as well as working with the record company to plan the release strategy, setting up touring and promotion and handling all press responsibilities. We made money touring and worked closely with the label on setting up a strategy to maximize the group's potential. Working with Maggie was a wonderful experience.

Daniel D. Murphy
Founding Member of Soul Asylum and The Golden Smog

I have been working with Maggie since 2002. In TV Production, she was meticulous and as my virtual tour manager since 2012, she is invaluable. She sets up the shows so I can walk in with everything lined up and ready to go. I can focus on my show, and she takes care of everything else! 

Lizz Winstead


Maggie called me here at Ardent Studios in November of 1996. I didn't know her then but her question was: "Would you like to join Golden Smog"? I hadn't heard of them either so I asked. She related the lineup... I said yes quickly. Sometimes they way you know the talents of a manager is by the ease of how things are put together and how quickly bumps are smoothed out. My time with Golden Smog with Maggie managing were some of the most rewarding and fun ones I have had. She has become a good friend and I do hope to work with her again.

Jody Stephens
Big Star, Golden Smog, Ardent Studios


I worked with Maggie Macpherson on multiple network television programs.  We could not have successfully pulled off these high pressure, deadline heavy TV shows without her rock solid production work. From making sure the venue had everything we needed, when we needed it, to taking care of the last minute demands of talent, Maggie had it handled. I am so impressed with her problem solving skills, her talent for juggling multiple pressing issues at once and her ability to anticipate problems before they crop up. She knows how to keep things running smoothy, on time and on budget. Love working with Maggie!

Angela Dallman
Executive Producer