Mill Street Productions




With over 30 years of experience in the world of entertainment production, Mill Street Productions is a remote production office for tours of all sizes and varying needs.


Mill Street offer tour managers the ability  to focus on the day-to-day demands of road management while we take care of advancing shows and travel, coordinating merchandise sales, and keeping meticulous tour books.

Offering services à la carte means we are flexible and you pay only for the services you need, when you need them. We'll work with you and your management team to communicate with venues to ensure a smooth and hassle free tour. 

Mill Street does the work remotely which means you don't pay for another body on the road and it frees up more space in the van.


Our Services



Tour books
Day Sheets
Guest Lists

All production sheets use Master Tour ™


Travel (Air, Hotel, Ground)
Dressing Room and Rider
Meet and Greets / VIP



Tour Supplies


We’re interested to hear more about your tour and how we can partner to make your life easier. For a free consultation on how we might best work together, get in touch!


Maggie Macpherson has been working in production, booking and management for over 35 years. Her unique combination of strategy implementation, communication, administration and creative skills comes from decades of successful experience in national Tour, Television and Event Production, Artist Management, Promotion, and Talent Buying.

Maggie's love of music found a home in the 80's as the production manager at Minneapolis' legendary First Avenue during the days of Prince, The Time, Husker Du and The Replacements. Working all aspects of a large national venue honed her strengths in dealing with the problems and joys of the world of touring.

Her booking skills became apparent when she turned a small music venue, The Uptown Bar, into the venerable club it became. While nurturing local talent like The Jayhawks, Trip Shakespeare and Babes In Toyland she also built a strong reputation for springboarding a new generation of musical icons like Nirvana, Oasis, Flaming Lips and Uncle Tupelo into the Minneapolis music scene.

It was here that she formed a strong bond with many local and up and coming national musicians and began her management relationship with both The Jayhawks and Golden Smog.

In the early 2000's Maggie moved to LA to work in television production with Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead. She continues to work with Lizz booking and managing speaking engagements, events and comedy shows while producing her multiple and continuously sold out end of year shows. Maggie has also produced TV shows for HGTV, including Bath Crashers, Tailgate Warriors and Rustic Reno. She also spent time out with Monty Lee Wilkes as TM of the band and crew for Jessica Simpson. Huh!

An advocate and activist by nature, Maggie brings order and calm to tough, unruly situations. She is proud to sit on the board of the Carol E Macpherson Scholarship Fund, a fund that for 40 years has provided scholarships for women returning to school and has a 100% graduation rate.